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Matt's European Butterflies


Welcome. Here you will find discussions, field notes and photographs of many of the European Butterflies.




My aim is to illustrate the beauty and diversity of the European Butterflies. The inherent beauty of the butterfly makes this task so much easier. I hope that more and more people will develop an interest in this fascinating group of insects... and ultimately contribute to their conservation and the conservation of their precious habitats.

Many species are rare, endangered or very local so it is with some pride that I can publish photos of them here. I have a substantial coverage of around 400 of the usually recognised 440 European species and a large number of regional forms and subspecies.

Each species has its own Species Page with photographs, notes and observations. There are three indices of butterflies on the website.
     Scientific names (taxonomic order)
     Scientific names (alphabetical by species name) (below)
     English names (alphabetical)

If you have any suggestions, comments or corrections please contact me (see also the link on the top left).

To happy summer days!


Lepidapp is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. The work is the result of close collaboration with 3 other serious lepsters - Guy Padfield, Peter Eeles and Chris Manely.

Navigation is optimised for the iPhone for use as an aid in the field where network services are absent, poor and/or very expensive when abroad. The vast majority of European species illustrated with high definition photographs, stunning on the iPad. Distribution maps, helpful identification aids and similar species hints. A database allows the user to enter his/ her own free text notes for each species.

Click here for the Lepidapp website and on the image below to jump to the iTunes website.
Please send feed back (+ve/ -ve/ suggestions) directly to me or centrally to the Lepidapp inbox.


Please follow this link for Blue Cedars Photography by Sophie if you're
looking for her portraiture website and gallery based in the UK.

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The 4th volume of this comprehensive series concludes the Pyralids. The series opens up the European moth fauna to the general public in a practical richly illustrated format.


Nov 2006

Vol 1: Saturnids, Lasiocampids, Hawkmoths, Tiger Moths

June 2009

Vol 2: Geometrids

May 2012

Vol 3: Zygaenids, Pyralids 1

Sept 2014

Vol 4: Pyralids 2


Available in English and French versions : www.napeditions.com




** I have heard that some areas of the taxonomy presented in this series of books is not necessarily that which is widely accepted in the scientific community. So care should be taken to get the latest information when this may be important, such as local/ national recorders of similar or marginal taxa. This does not however detract from the undoubted value of having a practical and richly illustrated near comprehensive coverage of the European fauna which gives access to moths that has not previously been available.


Search my site or the web:

www eurobutterflies.com

Species List - alphabetical by scientific name


Aglais urticae Small Tortoiseshell

Agriades (pyrenaicus) dardanus Gavarnie (Balkan) Blue

Agriades glandon Glandon Blue

Agriades aquilo Arctic Blue

Agrodiaetus admetus Anomalous Blue

Agrodiaetus agenjoi Agenjo's Anomalous Blue

Agrodiaetus ainsae Forster's Furry Blue

Agrodiaetus amanda Amanda's Blue

Agrodiaetus aroaniensis Grecian Anomalous Blue

Agrodiaetus damon Damon Blue

Agrodiaetus dolus Furry Blue

Agrodiaetus escheri Escher's Blue

Agrodiaetus exuberans Verity's Anomalous Blue

Agrodiaetus fabressei Oberthur's Anomalous Blue

Agrodiaetus humedasae Piedmont Anomalous Blue

Agrodiaetus iphigenia Chelmos Blue

Agrodiaetus nephohiptamenos Higgin's Anomalous Blue

Agrodiaetus ripartii Ripart's Anomalous Blue

Agrodiaetus thersites Chapman's Blue

Albulina orbitulus Alpine Argus

Anthocharis (belia) euphenoides Provence (ex. Moroccan) Orange Tip

Anthocharis belia Moroccan Orange Tip

Anthocharis cardamines Orange Tip

Anthocharis damone Eastern Orange Tip

Anthocharis gruneri Gruner's Orange Tip

Apatura iris Purple Emperor

Apature ilia Lesser Purple Emperor

Apatura metis Freyer's Purple Emperor

Aphantopus hyperantus Ringlet

Aporia crataegi Black Veined White

Araschnia levana Map Butterfly

Archon apollinus False Apollo

Arethusana arethusa False Grayling

Argynnis (adippe) auresianna Moroccan High Brown Fritillary

Argynnis adippe High Brown Fritillary

Argynnis aglaja Dark Green Fritillary

Argynnis laodice Pallas's Fritillary

Argynnis niobe Niobe Fritillary

Argynnis pandora Cardinal

Argynnis paphia Silver Washed Fritillary

Aricia agestis Brown Argus

Aricia artaxerxes Mountain Argus

Aricia morronensis Spanish Argus

Artogeia bryoniae Mountain Green Veined White

Artogeia ergane Mountain Small White

Artogeia krueperi Krueper's Small White

Artogeia mannii Southern Small White

Artogeia napi Green Veined White

Artogeia rapae Small White

Azanus jesous African Babul Blue

Berberia abdelkader Giant Grayling

Berberia lambessanus Dark Giant Grayling

Boloria aquilonaris Cranberry Fritillary

Boloria graeca Balkan Fritillary

Boloria napaea Mountain Fritillary

Boloria pales Shepherd's Fritillary

Brenthis daphne Marbled Fritillary

Brenthis hecate Twin-spot Fritillary

Brenthis ino Lesser Marbled Fritillary

Cacyreus marshalli Geranium Bronze

Callophrys avis Chapman's Green Hairstreak

Callophrys rubi Green Hairstreak

Carcharodus alceae Mallow Skipper

Carcharodus boeticus Southern Marbled Skipper

Carcharodus flocciferus Tufted Marbled Skipper

Carcharodus lavatherae Marbled Skipper

Carcharodus orientalis Oriental Marbled Skipper

Carcharodus stauderi False Marbled Skipper

Carcharodus tripolinus False Mallow Skipper

Carterocephalus palaemon Chequered Skipper

Carterocephalus silvicolus Northern Chequered Skipper

Celastrina argiolus Holly Blue

Charaxes jasius Two Tailed Pasha

Chazara briseis Hermit

Chazara prieuri Southern Hermit

Chilades trochylus Grass Jewel

Cigaritis allardi Allard's Silver Line

Cigaritis siphax Common Silver Line

Cigaritis zohra Donzel's Silver Line

Clossiana dia Violet (Weaver's) Fritillary

Clossiana euphrosyne Pearl Bordered Fritillary

Clossiana freija Freija's Fritillary

Clossiana frigga Frigga's Fritillary

Clossiana selene Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Clossiana thore Thor's Fritillary

Clossiana titania Titania's Fritillary

Coenonympha (dorus) fettigiii Moroccan Dusky Heath

Coenonympha arcania Pearly Heath

Coenonympha arcanioides Moroccan Pearly Heath

Coenonympha corinna Corsican Heath

Coenonympha darwiniana Darwin's Heath

Coenonympha dorus Dusky Heath

Coenonympha elbana Elban Heath

Coenonympha gardetta Alpine Heath

Coenonympha glycerion glycerion Chestnut Heath

Coenonympha glycerion iphioides Spanish Heath

Coenonympha hero Scarce Heath

Coenonympha leander Russian Heath

Coenonympha oedippus False Ringlet

Coenonympha pamphilus Small Heath

Coenonympha rhodopensis Eastern Large Heath

Coenonympha thyrsis Cretan Small Heath

Coenonympha tullia Large Heath

Coenonympha vaucheri Vaucher's Heath

Colias alfacariensis Berger's Clouded Yellow

Colias aurorina Greek Clouded Yellow

Colias croceus Clouded Yellow
Colias chrysotheme Lesser Clouded Yellow

Colias hyale Pale Clouded Yellow
Colias myrmidone Danube Clouded Yellow

Colias nastes Pale Arctic Clouded Yellow

Colias palaeno Moorland Clouded Yellow

Colias phicomone Mountain Clouded Yellow

Colotis evagore Desert Orange Tip

Cupido minimus Small (Little) Blue

Cupido lorquinii Lorquin's Blue

Cupido osiris Osiris Blue

Cyaniris semiargus helena Greek Mazarine Blue

Cyaniris semiargus semiargus Mazarine Blue

Danaus chrisippus Plain Tiger

Danaus plexippus Monarch, Milkweed

Euchloe (Elphinstonia) charlonia Greenish Black Tip
Euchloe (Elphinstonia) bazae Spanish Greenish Black Tip

Euchloe (Elphinstonia) penia Eastern Greenish Black Tip

Erebia aethiopella False Mnestra Ringlet

Erebia aethiops Scotch Argus

Erebia alberganus Almond Eyed Ringlet

Erebia cassioides Common Brassy Ringlet

Erebia christi Rätzer's Ringlet
Erebia disa Arctic Ringlet
Erebia embla Lapland Ringlet

Erebia epiphron Mountain Ringlet

Erebia epistygne Spring Ringlet

Erebia eriphyle Eriphyle Ringlet

Erebia euryale Large Ringlet

Erebia flavofasciata Yellow Banded Ringlet

Erebia gorge Silky Ringlet

Erebia gorgone Gavarnie Ringlet

Erebia hispania Spanish Brassy Ringlet

Erebia ligea Arran Brown

Erebia manto Yellow Spotted Ringlet

Erebia medusa Woodland Ringlet

Erebia melampus Lesser Mountain Ringlet

Erebia meolans Piedmont Ringlet

Erebia mnestra Mnestra's Ringlet

Erebia montana Marbled Ringlet

Erebia neoridas Autumn Ringlet

Erebia nivalis de Lesse's Brassy Ringlet

Erebia oeme Bright Eyed Ringlet

Erebia orientalis Bulgarian Ringlet
Erebia ottomana Ottoman Brassy Ringlet

Erebia pandrose Dewy Ringlet

Erebia pharte Blind Ringlet

Erebia pluto Sooty Ringlet

Erebia polaris Arctic Woodland Ringlet

Erebia pronoe Water Ringlet

Erebia melas - Black Ringlet

Erebia rhodopensis Nicholl's Ringlet

Erebia scipio Larche Ringlet

Erebia styx Stygian Ringlet

Erebia sudetica Sudeten Ringlet

Erebia triaria de Prunner's Ringlet

Erebia tyndarus Swiss Brassy Ringlet

Erebia zapateri Zapater's Ringlet

Erynnis marloyi Inky Skipper

Erynnis tages Dingy Skipper

Euchloe ausonia Eastern Dappled White

Euchloe belemia Green Striped White

Euchloe crameri Western Dappled White

Euchloe falloui Scarce Green Striped White

Euchloe insularis Corsican Dappled White

Euchloe simplonia Mountain Dappled White

Euchloe tagis Portuguese Dappled White

Eumedonia eumedon Geranium Argus

Euphydryas aurinia aurinia Marsh Fritillary - aurinia

Euphydryas aurinia debilis Marsh Fritillary - debilis

Euphydryas desfontainii Spanish Fritillary

Euphydryas (Hypodryas) iduna Lapland Fritillary

Euphydryas (Hypodryas) maturna Scarce Fritillary

Euphydryas (Hypodryas) cynthia Cynthia's Fritillary

Euphydryas (Hypodryas) intermedia Asian Fritillary

Everes alcetas Provençal Short Tailed Blue

Everes argiades Short Tailed Blue

Everes decoloratus Eastern Short Tailed Blue

Gegenes nostrodamus Mediterranean Skipper

Gegenes pumilio Pigmy Skipper

Glaucopsyche alexis Green-underside Blue

Glaucopsyche melanops Black Eyed Blue

Glaucopsyche paphos Paphos Blue

Gonepteryx cleopatra Cleopatra

Gonepteryx farinosa Powdered Brimstone

Gonepteryx rhamni Brimstone

Hamearis lucina Duke of Burgundy Fritillary

Hesperia comma Silver Spotted Skipper

Heteropterus morpheus Large Chequered Skipper

Hipparchia alcyone Rock Grayling

Hipparchia aristaeus Southern Grayling

Hipparchia cretica Cretan Grayling

Hipparchia cypriensis Cyprus Grayling

Hipparchia fagi Woodland Grayling
Hipparchia genava Lesser Rock Grayling

Hipparchia mersina Hipparchia mersina

Hipparchia neomiris Corsican Grayling

Hipparchia semele Grayling

Hipparchia syriaca Eastern Rock Grayling

Hipparchia volgensis Delattin's Grayling

Hyponephele lupina Oriental Meadow Brown

Hyponephele lycaon Dusky Meadow Brown

Hyponephele maroccana Moroccan Meadow Brown

Inachis io Peacock

Iolana iolas Iolas Blue

Iphiclides podalirius Scarce Swallowtail

Issoria lathonia Queen of Spain Fritillary

Kanetisa circe Great Banded Grayling

Kirinia climene Lesser Lattice Brown

Kirinia roxelana Lattice Brown

Kretania psylorita Cretan Argus

Laeosopis roboris Spanish Purple Hairstreak

Lampides boeticus Long Tailed Blue

Lasiommata maera Large Wall Brown

Lasiommata meadewaldoi Moroccan Wall Brown

Lasiommata megera Wall Brown

Lasiommata petropolitana Northern Wall Brown

Leptidea duponcheli Eastern Wood White

Leptidea morsei Fenton's Wood White

Leptidea sinapis Wood White

Leptotes pirithous Lang's Short Tailed Blue

Libythea celtis Nettle Tree Butterfly

Limenitis popluli Poplar Admiral

Limenitis camilla White Admiral

Limenitis reducta Southern White Admiral

Lopinga achine Woodland Brown

Lycaena alciphron Purple Shot Copper

Lycaena candens Balkan Copper

Lycaena dispar Large Copper

Lycaena helle Violet Copper

Lycaena hippothoe Purple Edged Copper

Lycaena ottomana Grecian Copper

Lycaena phlaeas Small Copper

Lycaena thersamon Lesser Fiery Copper

Lycaena thetis Fiery Copper

Lycaena tityrus Sooty Copper

Lycaena virgaureae Scarce Copper

Lysandra albicans Spanish Chalk Hill Blue

Lysandra bellargus Adonis Blue

Lysandra coridon Chalk Hill Blue

Lysandra coridon asturiensis Chalk Hill Blue (N Spain)

Lysandra coridon caelestissima Azure Chalk Hill Blue

Lysandra coridon f. philippi Macedonian Chalk Hill Blue

Lysandra coridon slovacus Slovakian Chalk Hill Blue

Lysandra hispana Provence Chalk Hill Blue

Lysandra punctifera Spotted Adonis Blue

Maculinea alcon Alcon Blue

Maculinea arion Large Blue

Maculinea nausithous Dusky Large Blue

Maculinea rebeli Mountain Alcon Blue

Maculinea telejus Scarce Large Blue

Maniola cypricola Cyprus Meadow Brown

Maniola jurtina Meadow Brown

Maniola nurag Sardinian Meadow Brown

Maniola telmessia Maniola telmessia

Maurus vogelii Vogel's Blue

Melanargia arge Italian Marbled White

Melanargia galathea Marbled White

Melanargia lachesis Iberian Marbled White

Melanargia larissa Balkan Marbled White

Melanargia occitanica Western Marbled White

Melanargia russiae Esper's Marbled White

Melanargia ines Spanish Marbled White

Meleageria daphnis Meleager's Blue

Melitaea aetherie Aetherie Fritillary

Melitaea arduinna Freyer's Fritillary

Melitaea cinxia Glanville Fritillary

Melitaea deserticola Desert Fritillary

Melitaea diamina False Heath Fritillary

Melitaea didyma Spotted Fritillary

Melitaea phoebe Knapweed Fritillary

Melitaea trivia Lesser Spotted Fritillary

Mellicta asteria Little Fritillary

Mellicta athalia Heath Fritillary

Mellicta aurelia Nickerl's Fritillary

Mellicta britomartis Assmann's Fritillary

Mellicta deione Provençal Fritillary

Mellicta parthenoides Meadow Fritillary

Mellicta varia Grisons Fritillary

Minois dryas Dryad

Muschampia cribrellum - Spinose Skipper

Muschampia proto Sage Skipper

Muschampia tessellum Tessellated Skipper

Neohipparchia fatua Freyer's Grayling

Neohipparchia hansii Austaut's Grayling

Neohipparchia statilinus Tree Grayling

Neolysandra coelestina Pontic Blue

Neptis rivularis Hungarian Glider

Neptis sappho Common Glider

Nymphalis antiopa Camberwell Beauty

Nymphalis polychloros Large Tortoiseshell

Ochlodes venata Large Skipper

Oeneis glacialis Alpine Grayling

Oeneis jutta Baltic Grayling

Oeneis norna Lapland Grayling

Papilio alexanor Southern Swallowtail

Papilio hospiton Corsican Swallowtail

Papilio machaon Swallowtail

Pararge aegeria Speckled Wood

Parnassius apollo Apollo

Parnassius mnemosyne Clouded Apollo

Parnassius phoebusSmall Apollo

Pieris brassicae Large White

Plebejus allardi Allard's Blue

Plebejus argus Silver Studded Blue

Plebejus argyrognomon Reverdin's Blue

Plebejus idas Idas Blue

Plebejus pylaon sephirus Zephyr Blue -sephirus

Plebejus pylaon trappi Zephyr Blue - trappi

Plebejus hespericus - Spanish Zephyr Blue

Plebicula atlantica Atlas Blue

Plebicula dorylas Turquoise Blue

Plebicula niviscens Mother of Pearl Blue

Polygonia c-album Comma

Polygonia egea Southern Comma

Polyommatus andronicus Phalakron Blue

Polyommatus erioides False Eros Blue

Polyommatus eros Eros Blue

Polyommatus icarus Common Blue

Polyommatus menelaos Taygetos Blue

Pontia callidice Peak White

Pontia chloridice Small Bath White

Pontia daplidice Bath White

Pontia edusa Eastern Bath White

Proclossiana eunomia Bog Fritillary

Proterebia afra Dalmatian Ringlet

Pseudoaricia nicias Silvery Argus

Pseudochazara anthelea White Banded Grayling

Pseudochazara atlantis Moroccan Grayling

Pseudochazara cingovskii Macedonian Grayling
Pseudochazara geyeri Grey Asian Grayling
Pseudochazara graeca Grecian Grayling

Pseudochazara mniszechii Dark Grayling

Pseudochazara orestes Dil's Grayling

Pseudophilotes (bavius) fatma Fatma's (Bavius) Blue

Pseudophilotes abencerragus False Baton Blue

Pseudophilotes barbagiae Sardinian Blue

Pseudophilotes baton Baton Blue

Pseudophilotes bavius Bavius Blue

Pseudophilotes panoptes Panoptes Blue

Pseudophilotes vicrama Eastern Baton Blue

Pseudotergumia fidia Striped Grayling

Pyrgus alveus Large Grizzled Skipper

Pyrgus andromedae Alpine Grizzled Skipper

Pyrgus armoricanus Oberthur's Grizzled Skipper

Pyrgus cacaliae Dusky Grizzled Skipper

Pygrus carlinae Carline Skipper

Pyrgus carthami Safflower Skipper
Pyrgus centaureae Northern Grizzled Skipper

Pyrgus cinarae Sandy Grizzled Skipper

Pygrus cirsii Cinquefoil Skipper

Pyrgus foulquieri Foulquier's Grizzled Skipper

Pyrgus malvae Grizzled Skipper

Pyrgus onopordi Rosy Grizzled Skipper

Pyrgus serratulae Olive Skipper

Pyrgus sidae Yellow Banded Skipper

Pyrgus warrenensis Warren's Skipper

Pyronia bathseba Spanish Gatekeeper

Pyronia cecilia Southern Gatekeeper

Pyronia tithonus Gatekeeper

Quercusia quercus Purple Hairstreak

Satyrium acaciae Sloe Hairstreak

Satyrium esculi False Ilex Hairstreak

Satyrium ilicis Ilex Hairstreak

Satyrium ledereri Orange Banded Hairstreak

Satyrium pruni Black Hairstreak

Satyrium spini Blue Spot Hairstreak

Satyrium w-album White Letter Hairstreak

Satyrus actaea Black Satyr

Satyrus ferula Great Sooty Satyr

Scolitantides orion Chequered Blue

Spialia doris Aden Skipper

Spialia orbifer Orbed Red Underwing Skipper

Spialia phlomidis Persian Skipper

Spialia sertorius Red Underwing Skipper

Tarucus balkanicus Little Tiger Blue

Tarucus theophrastus Common Tiger Blue

Tarucus rosaceus/ theophrastus Mediterranean and Common Tiger Blues

Thecla betulae Brown Hairstreak

Thymelicus acteon Lulworth Skipper

Thymelicus hamza Moroccan Small Skipper

Thymelicus hyrax Levantine Skipper

Thymelicus lineola Essex Skipper

Thymelicus sylvestris Small Skipper

Tomares ballus Provence Hairstreak

Tomares mauretanicus Moroccan Hairstreak

Turanana endymion Odd Spot Blue

Ultraaricia anteros Blue Argus

Vacciniina optilete Cranberry Blue

Vanessa atalanta Red Admiral

Vanessa cardui Painted Lady

Ypthima asterope African Ringlet

Zegris eupheme Sooty Orange Tip

Zerynthia cerisyi Eastern Festoon

Zerynthia polyxena Southern Festoon

Zerynthia rumina Spanish Festoon

Zizeeria knysna African Grass Blue