Pseudochazara amalthea

Balkan Banded Grayling


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Pseudochazara amalthea, eastern banded grayling, split from P. anthelea, white banded grayling
Photo: amalthea9.jpg

S Greece, July 2018

Photo: amalthea8.jpg

Parnassos, Greece, July 2007

Field notes and information

Raised to specific rank from and is essentially indistinguishable from the white banded grayling P. anthelea. Distribution is key to separating the species.

Identification & Similar species: Distinctive.

Distribution & Flight: From the Balkan mainland of Greece/ FYROM/ Bulgaria etc. Flies end May to July.

Habitat & Behaviour: Flies in grassy flowery places, in scrubland at lower levels to rocky places above the tree line.

Photo: amalthea10.jpg

NW Greece, July 2016

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NW Greece, August 2008

Photo: amalthea12.jpgPhoto: amalthea16.jpg

NW Greece, July 2016

Photo: amalthea15.jpg

Parnassos, Greece, July 2007