Pieris balcana

Balkan Green Veined White


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: balcana9.jpg

SW Serbia, June 2012

Photo: balcana6.jpg

SW Serbia, June 2012

Field notes and information

The taxanomic status of this species is in a state of flux. Current thinking (2014) is that this is sufficiently differentiated from the very similar green veined white P. napi to be considered a species. However the two taxa are probably indistinguishable in many, if not most, cases in the field.

Identification & Similar species: The differences between this species and the green veined white P. napi are subtle at best and sure identification of all specimens is likely to be impossible.

The most promising difference is the definition of the dark underside hindwing markings lining the veins. In the current species the lines are diffuse and fade into the white/ yellow ground colour. In the green veined white P. napi the border is sharply defined. Heiner Ziegler shows this difference very well on his website. Heiner Ziegler napi-balcana comparison.

Habitat & Behaviour: as for green veined white P. napi : Diverse. Typically woodland or scrub areas but anywhere with flowers is likely habitat.

Distribution & Flight: Southern Balkans. It may be the only species of this group in Greece. Extends northwards into Serbia and probably Bulgaria where there is could be considerable overlap with the green veined white P. napi.

Photo: balcana2.jpg

SW Serbia, June 2012

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NW Greece, July 2016

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800m, Pirin Mts, Bulgaria, July 2004

Taking salts from sweat on my finger. This is probably a Balkan green-veined white, A. balcana.

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NW Greece, July 2016

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SW Serbia, June 2012

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SW Serbia, June 2012

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Peloppensos, Greece, June 2013