Celotes nessus

Common Streaky Skipper


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: US-CommonStreakySkipper9.jpg

Phoenix, AZ, April 2015

Field notes and information

ARIZONA April 2015: Nothing else like this flies in this region. The "sun burst" pattern is distinctive. While it was widespread it was uncommon.

Photo: US-CommonStreakySkipper7.jpg

Phoenix, AZ, April 2015

Photo: US-CommonStreakySkipper10.jpgPhoto: US-CommonStreakySkipper6.jpg

Phoenix, AZ, April 2015

Photo: US-CommonStreakySkipper3.jpgPhoto: US-CommonStreakySkipper2.jpg

Santa Rita Mts, Tucson S, AZ, April 2015

Photo: US-CommonStreakySkipper4.jpgPhoto: US-CommonStreakySkipper5.jpg

Atascosa Mts, AZ, April 2015

Photo: US-CommonStreakySkipper8.jpg

Phoenix, AZ, April 2015