Coenonympha oedippus

False Ringlet


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: oedippus1.jpg

Central Alps, Italy, June 2004

Photo: oedippus5.jpg

Central Alps, Italy, June 2003

Field notes and information

A rare and seriously threatened species. As is usually the case, habitat destruction is responsible for the decline of a rare species.

I found it flying in an idyllic spot above Lake Como in 1997 in mid July. I revisited in the early season of 2003 when it was well out on mid summer's day, and probably had been flying for some weeks.

Identification & Similar species: The only similar species is the scarce heath C. hero which is equally rare and threatened. The species don't fly together and ranges overlap only in eastern France.

Distribution & Flight: Scattered colonies across France, north Italy, Austria, Hungry and Poland. Flies in June and July.

Habitat & Behaviour: Usually wet locations with grasses. Occasionally dry hillsides.

Photo: oedippus2.jpg

Central Alps, Italy, June 2004

Female with bigger hindwing spots than male.

Photo: oedippus7.jpgPhoto: oedippus9.jpgPhoto: oedippus8.jpg

Isère, France, July 2013

Photo: oedippus4.jpg

Central Alps, Italy, June 2004


Photo: oedippus3.jpg

Central Alps, Italy, June 2004

Photo: oedippus6.jpg

Central Alps, Italy, June 2003