Coenonympha pamphilus

Small Heath


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: pamphilus23.jpg

Montes Universales, Spain, July 2011

Photo: pamphilus33.jpg

Vaud, Switzerland, August 2018

Field notes and information

A very widespread and common species over most of Europe and north Africa, absent only from the northern Arctic in this region.

Identification & Similar species: The lack of a submarginal line on the underside hindwing and the presence of small white centred brown spots are distinctive.

Distribution & Flight: Everywhere upto low alpine levels, except the northern Arctic. Flies in multiple generations depending on season, location and altitude in all warm months of the year.

Habitat & Behaviour: It likes fairly dry grassy places in a very wide range of situations. It flies erratically and close to the ground. When at rest it never opens its wings.

Variation: There are several variants that generally affect the underside hindwing. The ground colour can vary from grey to brown and the intensity of the markings can vary greatly.

Photo: pamphilus5.jpg

Chalkidiki, Greece, May 2004

Unheard of until now...? At rest with wings open. I think the deformity of the thorax prevented it from closing its wings.

Photo: pamphilus35.jpgPhoto: pamphilus34.jpg

High Atlas, Morocco, August 2019

Photo: pamphilus36.jpg

Middle Atlas, Morocco, August 2019

Photo: pamphilus37.jpg

Vaud, Switzerland, April 2020

Photo: pamphilus39.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, May 2022

Photo: pamphilus40.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, July 2022

Photo: pamphilus31.jpg

Sicily, Italy, May 2018

Photo: pamphilus26.jpg

Corsica, France, July 2012

Photo: pamphilus32.jpg

Peloppensos, Greece, July 2018

Photo: pamphilus20.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, June 2011

Photo: pamphilus30.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, April 2017

Photo: pamphilus7.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, July 2006

Photo: pamphilus22.jpgPhoto: pamphilus21.jpg

Montes Universales, Spain, July 2011

Photo: pamphilus17.jpg

Var, France, April 2007

Photo: pamphilus8.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, June 2006

Photo: pamphilus24.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, May 2012

Photo: pamphilus28.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, June 2013

Photo: pamphilus25.jpg

Vaud, Switzerland, June 2012

Photo: pamphilus27.jpg

Cote d'Or, France, June 2005

Photo: pamphilus1.jpg

Var, France, May 2004