Oeneis norna

Norse Grayling


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: norna2.jpg

N Sweden, June/ July 2010

Photo: norna4.jpg

N Sweden, June/ July 2010

Field notes and information

Supposedly common where found, I've only seen a few on my 2 visits to the arctic region. In 2010 we only found two or three individuals in early July in what proved to be a very late season. We didn't find it at all in 1999 in early July in that early season.

Identification & Similar species: There are 4 species of Oensis which are superficially similar.

Alpine grayling O. glacialis is the only species found in the Alps. It is absent from Scandinavia.

Baltic grayling O. jutta has a grey ground colour.

Arctic and Norse graylings, O. bore & O. norna have a light brown ground colour, are confined to northern Scandinavia and are separated by the absence or presence of post discal spots.

Distribution & Flight: Confined to northern Scandinavia. Seasonally variable in June/ July.

Habitat & Behaviour: Bogs and damp places with birch scrub or stony slopes with wet areas. Frequently rests on tree trunks.

Photo: norna5.jpg

N Sweden, June/ July 2010

Photo: norna3.jpg

N Sweden, June/ July 2010

Photo: norna1.jpg

N Sweden, June/ July 2010