Lycaena thersamon

Lesser Fiery Copper


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: thersamon19.jpg

NW, Greece, August 2008

Photo: thersamon18.jpg

NW, Greece, August 2008

Field notes and information

This species has spectacular bright copper uppersides and orange underside forewings. Found in east and southeast Europe. In the southeast when I've found it it has been infrequently and uncommon.

Identification & Similar species: It has a very bright coppery orange upperside. The underside forewing is particularly orange compared to similar species.

Distribution & Flight: Central and southeast Europe, central Italy. Also many of the Greek islands. It flies throughout the summer in two or more broods.

Habitat & Behaviour: Hot dry locations with flowers. Scrubland. The larvae feed on a species of knot grass (Polygonum aviculare) which has a distinctive straggly form. The low plant forms a kind of mat with its long wiry green stalks from which sprout only a few small leaves. Each plant may be a meter or more in diameter.

Photo: thersamon17.jpg

NW, Greece, August 2008

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Rhodes, Greece October 2018

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Rhodes, Greece October 2018

Photo: thersamon2.jpg

Rila Mts, Bulgaria, July 2004

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Rhodes, Greece October 2018

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NW, Greece, August 2008

Photo: thersamon8.jpg

Patmos, Greece, June 2002

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Macedonia, Greece, May 2004 (m)

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Rhodes, Greece, May 2017

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Peleponnesos, Greece, June 2002 (m)