Neptis sappho

Common Glider


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: sappho10.jpg

Cluj, Romania, May 2009

Photo: sappho9.jpg

Cluj, Romania, May 2009

Field notes and information

A delicate butterfly, gently glides through dappled light in woodland and along woodland edges.

Identification & Similar species: Resembles the white admirals and the Hungarian glider, Limenitis sp. & Neptis rivularis. A white band in the upperside forewing cell and two on the hindwing separate the species.

Distribution & Flight: NE Italy and eastwards. Sporadic in the Balkans to north Greece. Double brooded in May/ June and July/ August.

Habitat & Behaviour: Open woodland, clearings and woodland edges in dappled shade. Feeds on flowers, Euphorbias for example, and takes salts from mud.

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Cluj, Romania, May 2009

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Macedonia, Greece, May 1995

(c) Peter Rowlings

Photo: sappho7.jpg

Rhodopi Mts, Greece, May 2004

Dappled sunlight habitat.

Photo: sappho12.jpg

SW Serbia, June 2012

Typical dappled lighting where this species can be found.

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Rhodopi Mts, Greece, May 2004

Photo: sappho11.jpg

Cluj, Romania, May 2009