Leptotes pirithous

Lang's Short Tailed Blue


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: pirithous36.jpg

Rhodes, Greece October 2018

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Rhodes, Greece October 2018

Field notes and information

Often found in ones or twos, on occasions it can be found in large numbers . It is widespread and migratory so it can turn up anywhere but it is rare north of the Mediterranean region. It does prefer hot dry places.

Identification & Similar species: The mottling on the underside hindwing is quite distinctive. The hindwing has a tail.

Distribution & Flight: It is migratory to some extent and can turn up anywhere in southern Europe and north Africa as far north as central France, very occasionally further north. Throughout the warm months of the year when it is continuosly brooded.

Habitat & Behaviour: It can be found swarming over Lucerne fields and in Morocco we found it swarming around a species of broom that was flowering in March. Generally it is found in flowery places, particularly around flowering shrubs of the pea family, Leguminosae.

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Rhodes, Greece October 2018

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Fuerteventura, Spain, February 2014

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NW Greece, July 2016

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Rhodes, Greece October 2018

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Rhodes, Greece October 2018

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Samos, Greece, June 2018

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Madrid, Spain, July 2011


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NW Greece, July 2016

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Crete, Greece, October 2017

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NW Greece, July 2016

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Almeria, Spain, July 2013

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Middle Atlas, Morocco, August 2019

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Madrid, Spain, July 2011


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Cadiz, Spain, October 2014