Glaucopsyche paphos

Paphos Blue


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: paphos5.jpg

Cyprus, April 2002

Photo: paphos2.jpg

Cyprus, April 2002

Female (I think) underside

Field notes and information

An endemic from Cyprus, it closely resembles the green underside blue, G. alexis. But it lacks the extensive underside basal flush. It is found in April/ May where it is widespread at all levels and common.

Photo: paphos1.jpg

Cyprus, April 2002


Photo: paphos3.jpg

Cyprus, April 2002

Photo: paphos6.jpg

Cyprus, April 2002

Photo: paphos4.jpg

Cyprus, April 2002

Underside of male above. Unusually, the hindwing spots almost completely absent.