Hyponephele lycaon

Dusky Meadow Brown


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: lycaon25.jpg

Mt Phalakron, Greece, July 2016

Photo: lycaon14.jpg

Montes Universales, Spain, July 2011

Field notes and information

A widespread species within its range. In my experience it is much more widespread and common than the similar oriental meadow brown H. lupina.

Identification & Similar species: It is a relatively small species with bright bold mottled underside hindwing markings. The upperside ground colour is pale brown. The male scent brand is notched and fine.

The oriental meadow brown H. lupina is very similar and is difficult to separate in the field. In comparison with the current species, it is larger, has a more uniform underside, a dark brown upperside ground colour and a large broad un-notched scent brand.

When worn, most of these features become unusable, and only the scent brand in the male offers sure identification.

Separation from the very common and widespread meadow brown Maniola jurtina is also problematic. In fresh specimens the underside hindwing is a warmer brown with a, usually, distinct post discal band. However in older specimens this apparent obvious difference is not clear - once again the male sex brand comes to the rescue as this doesn't change with age.

Distribution & Flight: Spain, south France, south Switzerland, parts of Italy, and most of eastern Europe from Greece to southern Finland. Found from June to August.

Habitat & Behaviour: Hot dry grassy places in open woodland, rocky slopes etc.

Photo: lycaon27.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, August 2016

Photo: lycaon32.jpgPhoto: lycaon34.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, July 2022

Photo: lycaon26.jpgPhoto: lycaon28.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, August 2016

Photo: lycaon4.jpg

Hautes Alpes, France, July 2009

The forewing scent brand is fine and narrow.

Photo: lycaon29.jpg

Huesca, Spain, July 2017

Photo: lycaon22.jpgPhoto: lycaon23.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, August 2014

Photo: lycaon30.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, August 2019

Photo: lycaon33.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, July 2022

Photo: lycaon11.jpgPhoto: lycaon13.jpg

Montes Universales, Spain, July 2011

Photo: lycaon17.jpgPhoto: lycaon16.jpg

Hautes Alpes, France, August 2012

Photo: lycaon19.jpgPhoto: lycaon18.jpg

Hautes Alpes, France, August 2012

Photo: lycaon12.jpg

Montes Universales, Spain, July 2011

Photo: lycaon5.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, August 2009

Photo: lycaon20.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, July 2004

Photo: lycaon1.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, July 2004