Issoria lathonia

Queen of Spain Fritillary


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: lathonia72.jpg

SE Serbia, June 2012

Photo: lathonia103.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, February 2021

Field notes and information

The underside of this species sports remarkable reflective patches - "pearls" a queen may wear.

Identification & Similar species: The large underside "pearls" are distinctive. The highly concave forewing margin and angled hindwing are distinctive, visible in flight to the trained eye.

Distribution & Flight: Widespread and often common across all of Europe except the UK and Scandinavia where it is a rare migrant. Occasionally becomes temporarily resident in the UK, a colony may last several years (e.g. Minesmere, southeast England in the early 2000s). Also north Africa.

Habitat & Behaviour: Hot dry places, often amongst cultivation. In Switzerland it is associated strongly, but by no means exclusively, with vineyards at low levels in the Valais. A migrant, more northerly populations are reinforced annually by migration from the south.

Variation: Spring brood butterflies have a greenish dusting around the wing edges and basally. They are also smaller than the following broods.

Photo: lathonia73.jpg

SE Serbia, June 2012

Photo: lathonia101.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, May 2020

Photo: lathonia100.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, February 2021

Photo: lathonia77.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, March 2012

Eggs hiding under the leaf in center shot.

Photo: lathonia33.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, April 2011

Photo: lathonia94.jpgPhoto: lathonia90.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, May 2016

Photo: lathonia67.jpgPhoto: lathonia54.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, March 2012

Even when mating, the new couple is approached by males. The red fluid is discharge from the newly emerged female. She probably hasn't even flown yet.

Photo: lathonia98.jpg

Malaga, Spain, May 2019

Photo: lathonia95.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, May 2016

Photo: lathonia76.jpg

Corsica, France, July 2012

Photo: lathonia97.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, March 2018

Photo: lathonia71.jpgPhoto: lathonia69.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, March 2012

Photo: lathonia86.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, August 2013

Photo: lathonia39.jpg

Madrid, Spain, July 2011

Photo: lathonia37.jpg

Burgos, Spain, July 2011

Photo: lathonia35.jpg

Vaud, Switzerland, May 2011