Brenthis ino

Lesser Marbled Fritillary


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: ino65.jpg

Fribourg, Switzerland, May 2020

Photo: ino38.jpg

Asturias Mts, Spain, July 2011

Females are more heavily marked than males and show a hint of a brassy sheen when fresh.

Field notes and information

A butterfly of damp meadows across much of Europe.

Identification & Similar species: Very similar to the larger marbled fritillary, B. daphne. Separated by the coloration of the square patch on the underside hindwing, just beyond the cell. This is a solid yellow block in the current species, partly filled pinkish in B. daphne.

Distribution & Flight: From north Spain into southeast, east and north Europe. Absent from the UK and parts of Scandinavia. Single brooded from June to August.

Habitat & Behaviour: Lush damp meadows and bogs.

Photo: ino64.jpg

Fribourg, Switzerland, May 2020

Photo: ino55.jpg

Vaud, Switzerland, June 2018

Photo: ino1.jpg

Vaud, Switzerland, July 2004

ino- rectangular area uniform clear pale yellow

Photo: daphne4.jpg

daphne- rectangular area heavily shaded orange-pink to outer side.

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Vaud, Switzerland, June 2022

Photo: ino10.jpgPhoto: ino11.jpg

N Sweden, July 2010

Photo: ino68.jpg

Fribourg, Switzerland, June 2021

Photo: ino16.jpg

Cluj, Romania, May 2009

Photo: ino59.jpg

SE Serbia, June 2012

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Asturias Mts, Spain, July 2011

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Fribourg, Switzerland, June 2022

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Fribourg, Switzerland, June 2018

Photo: ino43.jpgPhoto: ino46.jpg

Grisons, Switzerland, July 2013