Pseudochazara geyeri

Grey Asian Grayling


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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NW Greece, August 2008

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NW Greece, August 2008

Field notes and information

An extremely local species found in a very small part of northwest Greece and FYROM. Rather uncommon where found.

Identification & Similar species: Distinctive. The zig-zag transversal markings on the underside are unlike any other species.

Distribution & Flight: Extremely local in the border areas of Albania, Greece and Macedonia (FYROM). Files in late July and August

Habitat & Behaviour: Very dry hot stony places above the treeline. I've only seen them once in 2008 and it was an extremely hot afternoon. The butterflies we saw were at low density and ranged over very large areas. They flew for a long time, occasionally resting to feed on the ubiquitous Eryngo or even more occasionally on rocks. When settled they would orientate their wings into the sun.

The rocky terrain made chasing the butterflies very difficult, I turned my ankle during one chase and feared that I had broken something. Luckily after 10 minutes rest I was able to gingerly place my foot on the floor and hobble off the mountain.

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NW Greece, August 2008

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NW Greece, August 2008

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NW Greece, August 2008

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NW Greece, August 2008

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NW Greece, August 2008