Clossiana frigga

Frigga's Fritillary


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: frigga1.jpg

N Sweden, June/ July 2010

Photo: frigga3.jpg

N Sweden, June/ July 2010

Field notes and information

A northern species with a distinctive dusky mauve underside hindwing.

Identification & Similar species: The overall impression is of a dark fritillary. The upperside markings are lage and dusky, the underside a distinctive dark mauve.

Distribution & Flight: Central and northern Scandinavia. Baltic states. Single brooded in late June and July according to season.

Habitat & Behaviour: Flies over low grasses and flowers with scrub or forest edges, over bogs or near lakes and rivers.

Photo: frigga2.jpg

N Sweden, June/ July 2010

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N Norway, July 2022

Photo: frigga4.jpg

N Sweden, June/ July 2010