Iphiclides feisthamelii

Iberian Scarce Swallowtail


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: feisthamelii15.jpg

High Atlas, Morocco, August 2019

Photo: feisthamelii9.jpg

Huesca, Spain, July 2017

Field notes and information

After many years being considered a subspecies of the scarce swallowtail I. podalirius this taxon can now be accepted as a full species.

Identification & Similar species: Compared to the scarce swallowtail I. podalirius, this species has a white/ grey-white rather than yellowish ground colour, but sometimes with faint yellow in the female. Markings are also darker, at least in the spring brood. The differences are subtle...

Genetalia are reportedly slightly different and there is some differentiation in mitochondrial DNA.

Distribution & Flight: North Africa, Spain and southwest France. There may be overlap with the scarce swallowtail I. podalirius in some areas particularly as these are mobile butterflies. Flies from March or April to the end of summer in multiple broods.

Habitat & Behaviour: Diverse habitats: scrub, meadows, parks, gardens, coasts to mountains.

Photo: feisthamelii5.jpg

Malaga, Spain, May 2008

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High Atlas, Morocco, August 2019

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High Atlas, Morocco, August 2019

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Montes Universales, Spain, July 2011

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Huesca, Spain, July 2017

Photo: feisthamelii3.jpg

High Atlas, Morocco, July 2005

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Huesca, Spain, July 2017

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Catalonia, Spain, August 2003

Photo: feisthamelii6.jpg

Sierra Nevada, Spain, July 2013