Meleageria daphnis

Meleager's Blue


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: daphnis60.jpg

Samos, Greece, June 2018

Photo: daphnis73.jpg

S Greece, July 2018

Field notes and information

A very distinctive butterfly with uniquely scalloped hindwings.

Identification & Similar species: Resembles no other species.

Distribution & Flight: Sporadic in northern Spain, across south France, Italy, south Switzerland and more widespread in central eastern Europe and the Balkans. Often common where it is found. Flies from mid June to August.

Habitat & Behaviour: Open flowery meadows in hills and clearings in scrubland. The bright blue males are frequently found nectaring.

Variation: Females vary greatly in the extent of blue. The form steeveni entirely lacks blue on the upperside. In some populations this female form is dominant.

Photo: daphnis13.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, July 2007

Photo: daphnis79.jpgPhoto: daphnis80.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, July 2021

Photo: daphnis41.jpg

Valais, Switzerland July 2014

Photo: daphnis48.jpg

Samos, Greece, June 2018

Photo: daphnis34.jpgPhoto: daphnis35.jpg

Montes Universales, Spain, July 2011

Photo: daphnis50.jpgPhoto: daphnis53.jpg

Samos, Greece, June 2018

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Samos, Greece, June 2018

Photo: daphnis33.jpg

Burgos, Spain, July 2011

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Samos, Greece, June 2018

Photo: daphnis7.jpgPhoto: daphnis2.jpg

Macedonia, Greece, July 2004


Photo: daphnis74.jpg

S Greece, July 2018