Everes argiades

Short Tailed Blue


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: argiades21.jpg

Vaud, Switzerland, June 2011

Photo: argiades27.jpg

Geneva, Switzerland, June 2021

Field notes and information

A butterfly of flowery grasslands and clearings amongst bushes and trees. Usually local but widespread.

Identification & Similar species: Can be confused with the other short tailed blues plus the small blues. The presence of orange spots on hind wing is usually sufficient for identification. These can sometimes be present in the Provencal short tailed blue, E. alcetas, but the orange doesn't fill the space between the chevrons and the spots.

Distribution & Flight: Northern Spain, France and eastwards to Greece and the Balkans including most of Italy. Typically double brooded flying in spring (end of April to June) and then in summer (July and August).

Habitat & Behaviour: Grassy flowery places, possibly with light scrub or the edge of woodland. Often flies low and inconspicuously amongst vegetation.

Photo: argiades20.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, May 2011


Photo: argiades25.jpgPhoto: argiades26.jpg

Geneva, Switzerland, June 2021

Photo: argiades1.jpg

Macedonia, Greece, July 2004

The broad orange patches on underside hindwing separates this species from E. alcetas and decoloratus.

Photo: argiades24.jpg

Geneve, Switzerland, June 2007

Photo: argiades19.jpg

Valais, Switzerland, May 2011

Showing reduced orange spots.

Photo: argiades18.jpg

Vaud, Switzerland, June 2009

A pale blue egg is visible in the developing clover seed head.

Photo: argiades3.jpgPhoto: argiades12.jpgPhoto: argiades5.jpg

Geneve, Switzerland, July 2006

Two eggs were also laid in the flower head, visible as two white marks.

Photo: argiades6.jpgPhoto: argiades4.jpg

Geneve, Switzerland, July 2006

Photo: argiades14.jpgPhoto: argiades13.jpg

Vaud, Switzerland, July 2008

The factory carpark - just before its extension and destruction of the newly found short tailed blue argiades colony.

Photo: argiades9.jpgPhoto: argiades10.jpgPhoto: argiades8.jpg

Geneve, Switzerland, June 2007

Photo: argiades23.jpg

Vaud, Switzerland, June 2017

Photo: argiades22.jpg

Piedmont, Italy, July 2012

Photo: argiades7.jpg

Vaud, Switzerland, August 2006