Pontia protodice

Checkered White


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: US-CheckeredWhite7.jpg

Sedona, AZ, April 2015

Field notes and information

ARIZONA April 2015: A very widespread and common species. We found it in open areas or amongst scrub and trees at all altitudes from SE Arizona to the NE and into Utah.

A frequent visitor to flowers and blossom. It's highly variable.

Photo: US-CheckeredWhite1.jpg

Phoenix north, AZ, April 2015

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Sedona, AZ, April 2015

Photo: US-CheckeredWhite4.jpg

Phoenix north, AZ, April 2015

Photo: US-CheckeredWhite3.jpg

Phoenix north, AZ, April 2015

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Tucson south, AZ, April 2015

Photo: US-CheckeredWhite5.jpg

Mexican Hat, UT, April 2015

Photo: US-CheckeredWhite2.jpg

Phoenix north, AZ, April 2015

Photo: US-CheckeredWhite13.jpg

Santa Cruz County, AZ, April 2015

Photo: US-CheckeredWhite9.jpg

Santa Catalina Mts, Tucson N, AZ, April 2015