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Clossiana titania

Titania's Fritillary

Field Notes

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Vaud/ Bern, Switzlerland, July 2009


Vaud, Switzlerland, July 2007


Valais, Switzlerland, July 2005

Subspecies titania from C/S Switzerland and eastwards. The underside is relatively light and bright.


Piedmont, Italy, July 2004

Subspecies cypris from W Switzerland and westwards. The underside is relatively dark and red.

Feeding with Pearl-bordered Fritillary, C. euphrosyne


Piedmont, Italy, July 2004


Valais, Switzerland, July 2004


Isère, France, July 2006


Piedmont, Italy, June 2003


Vaud, Switzerland, June 2003

A melanic variation.


This is a lovely butterfly found flying in lush meadows amongst trees in the Alps, a few other mountain ranges further east and lower levels of Finland. It loves taking nectar from thistles when it can be readily approached. The underside is an exquisite mosaic of soft pinks, reds and purples that make it quite unmistakable.