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Argynnis paphia

Silver Washed Fritillary

Field Notes

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Var, France, July 2010


Var, France, July 2009
Including the dark female form valezina


Susa Valley, Italy, July 2009
Female form valezina


Vaud, Switzerland, August 2006


Valais, Switzerland, August 2006


Piedmont, Italy, June 2004


Isère, France, July 2008


Var, France, August 2004


Var, France, August 2004

female form valezina


Var, France, August 2004

female form valezina


Var, France, August 2004

female form valezina


Vienna, Austria, July 2001


Vienna, Austria, July 2001


Macedonia, Greece, July 2000


This is a summer butterfly that is found from central Spain to southern Scandinavia including Ireland and southern England. It flies in mature woodlands stopping regularly at nectar sources, particularly Bramble and purple flowers such as Thistles and Knapweeds.

The underside has a lovely silvery sheen when viewed from certain angles. Unfortunately this don't show on the photos above. There are at least three forms affecting principally the underside and two the upperside. Above are two forms of underside - typical and f. argyrea. The latter has strong white markings and is rather green, lacking the subtle mauves of the typical form. On the upperside the form valezina is very well known. This only occurs in the female and is commoner in some regions than others. The upperside is very heavily dusky grey, lacking completely the rich orange of the typical butterfly.