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Zegris eupheme

Sooty Orange Tip

Field Notes

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Madrid, Spain, May 2009

Lleida, Spain, May 2007

Lleida, Spain, May 2007

Sooty Orange Tip
Zegris eupheme

Distribution: Central, S and E Spain and the mountains of Morocco. Local

Identification: Yellow undersides and the patch of orange in grey-black forewing tips are highly distinctive.

Flight time: Single brooded from mid March to mid June according to altitude and location.

Habitat: Open flowery grasslands amongst hills. Places dominated by Cruciferae are favoured. Larvae feed on Isatis tinctoria (Woad) and Hirschfeldia incana (Hoary Mustard).

Behaviour: A very strong flyer ranging over wide areas. Is attracted to the flowers of various Cruciferae.

Additional notes: In my very limited experience of the species in Spain and Morocco it is found only in low numbers and considerable periods of time may pass without seeing any butterflies. Patience is required, but is well worth the wait!