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Minois dryas


Field Notes

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Vaud, Switzerland, August 2010


Valais, Switzerland, August 2009


Alpes Maritimes, France, August 2004


Minois dryas

Distribution: Coastal in NW Spain, most of France and eastwards including N Italy, S Germany, Slovakia, Balkans and N Greece.

Identification: Distinctive with large forewing eyespots centred with pale blue, not the more typical white of the Satyridae. Females are considerably larger than the males. The males are dark brown and lack the dusty white bands on the underside hindwing of the female.

Flight time: July to early September.

Habitat: Hot, grasslands with plenty of flowers, often close to scrub or woodland

Behaviour: Flies just above the long grasses of high summer where its large dark form is visible from a distance. Frequently feeds on taller flowers such as Scabious and Hemp Agrimony.


Vaud, Switzerland, August 2006


Vaud, Switzerland, August 2006


Vaud, Switzerland, August 2006


Provence, France, August 2001


Provence, France, August 2001


Macedonia, Greece, July 2000

Small upperside spots completely lack blue centres


Macedonia, Greece, July 2000

Poorly focused underside photo of the above butterfly.


Macedonia, Greece, July 2000

Another example from Greece with greatly reduced markings.