Satyrium pruni

Black Hairstreak


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: pruni5.jpg

Huntingdonshire, UK, June 1986

(c) Peter Rowlings

Photo: pruni24.jpg

Geneva, Switzerland, June 2021

Field notes and information

This is a very elusive butterfly, flying discretely in bushes in woodland clearings and hedges.

One of the specialities of my local wood during my youth. Some of these photos are amongst the first my father took with me in tow in the 1980s.

Identification & Similar species: The broad bold red underside hindwing markings are distinctive, although superficially it is similar to the other Satyrium species.

Distribution & Flight: Very local in the UK, probably just 30 or so colonies spread from Oxfordshire to Huntingdonshire. It flies across most of central Europe where it is always very local from May to July.

Habitat & Behaviour: Mature blackthorn, Prunus spinosa, stands in woodlands and forests. It is a discrete butterfly that requires patience to find. On occasions it can be rather common, for example one evening in the 1980s we found an estimated 60 or so flying around an old part of our local wood. In Romania I also found a dozen or so in someone's garden orchard, isolated from the nearest scrub by several hundred meters of farmland. Usually however it is scarce and very discrete.

Photo: pruni3.jpg

(c) Peter Rowlings Oxfordshire, UK, May 1986

Photo: pruni28.jpg

Vaud, Switzerland, May 2022

Photo: pruni27.jpg

Vaud, Switzerland, May 2022

Photo: pruni4.jpg

Geneva, Switzerland, June 2005

Note the egg - it's the dark brown dome in the centre of the picture.

Photo: pruni8.jpg

Cluj, Romania, May 2009

Photo: pruni14.jpgPhoto: pruni12.jpgPhoto: pruni13.jpgPhoto: pruni16.jpg

Geneva, Switzerland, June 2010

Photo: pruni21.jpg

Genève, Switzerland, May 2011

Photo: pruni19.jpg

Genève, Switzerland, May 2011

Photo: pruni11.jpgPhoto: pruni10.jpg

Cluj, Romania, May 2009

Photo: pruni15.jpgPhoto: pruni7.jpg

Cluj, Romania, May 2009

Unexpected habitat: roadisde orchards!

Photo: pruni17.jpgPhoto: pruni18.jpg

Genève, Switzerland, May 2011

Photo: pruni25.jpgPhoto: pruni26.jpgPhoto: pruni23.jpg

Geneva, Switzerland, June 2021

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(c) Peter Rowlings Huntingdonshire, UK, June 1986

Photo: pruni9.jpg

Cluj, Romania, May 2009