Pieris ergane

Mountain Small White


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: ergane2.jpg

Pirin Mts, Bulgaria, July 2004

Second brood with little dusting of black scales on underside

Photo: ergane21.jpg

Peloppensos, Greece, June 2013

Field notes and information

This is a small delicate butterfly. It is local in the west, more widespread in the Balkans. I've never found them to be common.

Identification & Similar species: Smaller and whiter than the small and southern small whites (P. rapae, P. mannii).Also lacks black markings on the underside forewing present in similar species.

Distribution & Flight: Mountains in sourthern Europe from Spain, France (v rare), Italy and becoming commoner in the SE. It flies in a series of broods from spring to summer.

Habitat & Behaviour: Open stony places, usually hot and dry, amongst scrub or forest openings. Are usually attracted to flowers.

Photo: ergane1.jpg

Macedonia, Greece, May 2004 (m)

First brood showing heavy scaling on the underside hindwing, a feature shared amongst the Artogeia.

Photo: ergane6.jpg

S Greece, July 2008

Photo: ergane30.jpg

Peloppensos, Greece, July 2018

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Peloppensos, Greece, June 2013

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Peloppensos, Greece, June 2013

Photo: ergane13.jpg

S Greece, June 2013

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S Greece, June 2013

Photo: ergane22.jpg

Peloppensos, Greece, June 2013

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Peloppensos, Greece, June 2013

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Peloppensos, Greece, June 2013

Photo: ergane14.jpgPhoto: ergane17.jpg

S Greece, June 2013