Maniola cypricola

Cyprus Meadow Brown


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: cypricola2.jpg

Cyprus, April 2002


Photo: cypricola4.jpg

Cyprus, April 2002

Male with obvious scent brands.

Field notes and information

This species is endemic to Cyprus.

Identification & Similar species: It is the only representative of this genus on the island. It is very similar to the meadow brown M. jurtina.

Distribution & Flight: All over the island. A single brood from mid April to September with a period of aetivation.

Habitat & Behaviour: Dry rocky grassy places.

Photo: cypricola5.jpg

Cyprus, April 2002

Photo: cypricola3.jpg

Cyprus, April 2002

Photo: cypricola1.jpg

Cyprus, April 2002