Lycaena candens

Balkan Copper


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: candens15.jpg

SE Serbia, June 2012

Photo: candens17.jpg

SE Serbia, June 2012


Field notes and information

This species was separated from the very similar purple edged copper L. hippothoe in the 1990s. The male genetalia are distinctive.

Identification & Similar species: There is a transition zone in the middle Balkans across Serbia an Bulgaria where this species overlaps with the purple edged copper, L. hippothoe. The species are very similar, distribution being a key factor in identification. They are larger however and the male genetalia are distinct.

Distribution & Flight: It is found throughout the Balkans in June and July. I've found it quite easily at elevated levels (800m and above) in southwest Bulgaria and the mountains of north Greece but it is not common.

Habitat & Behaviour: It flies in damp places with grass and flowers.

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SE Serbia, June 2012

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SE Serbia, June 2012

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S Greece, July 2018

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S Greece, July 2018

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SE Serbia, June 2012

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Rila Mountains, July 2004 (f)

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NW Greece, July 2004 (m)

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S Greece, July 2018