Plebejus allardi

Allard's Blue


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: allardiP2.jpg

Anti Atlas, Morocco, March 2001

(c) Peter Rowlings

Photo: allardiP1.jpg

Anti Atlas, Morocco, March 2001

Field notes and information

A large species for the Plebejus genus. Very local in north Africa in a sporadic distribution from the Anti Atlas in Morocco to south Tunisia.

Identification & Similar species: In north Africa the only similar species is the Martin's blue, P. martini. The notable difference in the current species is the generally heavier markings on the underside, especially the size of the eye spots which have broad white boarders. It is also a larger species. Unfortunately, I don't have photos of that species to illustrate the difference, but it is noticeable in the field.

Distribution & Flight: A very local species of north Africa. In Morocco it is found in the Anti Atlas mountains. It flies in February and March.

Habitat & Behaviour: Gulleys and stony slopes in very hot dry semi-desert locations.

Photo: allardiP3.jpg

Anti Atlas, Morocco, April 2013

Larval food plant: Astragalus caprinus

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Anti Atlas, Morocco, April 2013

Larval food plant Astragalus caprinus.

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Anti Atlas, Morocco, April 2013

The very rare Cuvier's gazelle Gazella cuvieri which has an estimated world population of just 2000. Wonderful to see one bounding effortlessly up the steep hot slopes shared with this rare butterfly.

Photo: allardiP6.jpg

Anti Atlas, Morocco, April 2013

Photo: allardiP8.jpg

Anti Atlas, Morocco, April 2013

An enormous cricket, eating the remains of a road casuality of the same species.