Polyommatus admetus

Anomalous Blue


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: admetus27.jpg

S Greece, July 2018

Photo: admetus15.jpg

S Greece, June 2013

Field notes and information

SE Europe. As with all anomalous blues, this species has no blue markings at all.

Identification & Similar species: It is the most distinctive of the anomalous blues with two strong rows of submarginal spots on the underside. The female has varying degrees of red-orange on the submarginal area of the upperside hindwing, although this is often completely absent.

Distribution & Flight: Widespread and frequently encountered in the southern Balkans, sporadic northwards into Hungary.

Habitat & Behaviour: Hot flowery grasslands, often very dry.

Photo: admetus2.jpg

NW Greece, July 2004

Male. Large rough area of andriconal scales clearly visible on the forewing.

Photo: admetus3.jpg

NW Greece, July 2004

Female showing orange lunules.

Photo: admetus31.jpg

S Greece, July 2018

Photo: admetus24.jpg

Peloppensos, Greece, July 2018

Photo: admetus19.jpg

Albania, July 2016

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S Greece, July 2018

Photo: admetus16.jpg

S Greece, June 2013

Photo: admetus18.jpg

NW Greece, July 2016

Photo: admetus6.jpg

Pelopennesos, Greece, July 2007

Female occasionally with a white streak.

Photo: admetus22.jpgPhoto: admetus26.jpgPhoto: admetus25.jpg

S Greece, July 2018

Photo: admetus8.jpg

NW Greece, August 2008

Photo: admetus10.jpg

Macedonia, Greece, July 2000

Usually it is hot enough for this butterfly not to open its wings. Here it is filmed at altitude where cooler air requires extra heating.

Photo: admetus7.jpgPhoto: admetus9.jpg

NW Greece, August 2008

Photo: admetus4.jpgPhoto: admetus5.jpg

Pelopennesos, Greece, July 2007