Cupido comyntas

Eastern Tailed Blue


by Matt Rowlings

copyright © 2003-2024

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Photo: US-EasternTailedBlue4.jpg

Santa Rita Mts, Tucson S, AZ, April 2015

Field notes and information

ARIZONA April 2015: A widespread species that we found on a number of occasions, usually confined to small distinct areas of slightly damper ground.

Photo: US-EasternTailedBlue2.jpg

Atascosa Mts, AZ, April 2015

Photo: US-EasternTailedBlue6.jpgPhoto: US-EasternTailedBlue3.jpg

Atascosa Mts, AZ, April 2015

Photo: US-EasternTailedBlue5.jpg

Santa Cruz County, AZ, April 2015

Photo: US-EasternTailedBlue1.jpg

Atascosa Mts, AZ, April 2015