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Callophrys rubi

Green Hairstreak

Field Notes

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Valais, Switzerland, April 2010


N Sweden, July 2010


Cluj, Romania, May 2009


Var, France, March/ April 2008


Var, France, May 2005


Var, France, April 2006


Green Hairstreak
Callophrys rubi

Distribution: Very widespread across North Africa and all of Europe. It is generally common where it is found.

Identification: The green underside is highly distinctive but there is another species of Callophrys which is very similar - the Chapman's Green Hairstreak, C.avis. That species is rare, very local and only found near the coast of the Iberian Peninsula and Mediterranean France plus North Africa. For separation information please refer to the species page of C. avis.

Flight time: It flies early in the season across its range depending on locality and altitude. Usually it is not found after mid June but I have odd records from July and even August.

Habitat: Diverse. Open places to clearings in woodland from sea level to alpine meadows. Damp or dry conditions. Feeds on a wide range of mostly woody plants, but also some herbs.

Behaviour: Often sits on leaves of trees and bushes where its green underside renders it near-invisible. Certainly it is almost impossible to spot a resting butterfly unless you have seen it land or it moves. Never opens its wings when resting.


Var, France, April 2006


Valais, Switzerland, April 2008


Var, France, April 2006


Provence, France, April 2004


Provence, France, April 2004


Provence, France, April 2004


Var, France, April 2007