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Gonepteryx rhamni


Field Notes

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Vaud, Switzerland, July 2009


S Greece, August 2007
Smooth wing surface identifies the butterfly as Brimstone. Dense long scaling across the forewing ("powder") indicates Powdered Brimstone.


Vaud, Switzerland, August 2006


Vaud, Switzerland, May 2008


Vaud, Switzerland, July 2006


Middle Atlas, Morocco, June 2005


Cumbria, UK, August 2000


Cumbria, UK, August 2000


Cumbria, UK, August 2000


Sardinia, Italy, May 2003

Colour difference between the sexes are clear.


This is a widespread species occurring from north Africa to most of Scandinavia. It is most conspicuous during the first warm days of spring when is is one of the first butterflies on the wing following hibernation. It flies again in summer when it feeds for several weeks, storing energy for the forthcoming dormant period. Towards the end of August the perfect butterflies disappear for the winter and until the onset of spring they will not stir even on hot autumn days.