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Hyponephele lycaon

Dusky Meadow Brown

Field Notes

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Valais, Switzerland, August 2009


Hautes Alpes, France, July 2009
The forewing scent brand is fine and narrow


S Greece, July 2007


Valais, Switzerland, July 2003


Valais, Switzerland, July 2003

Feeding on rotting fruit deep in shade.


Valais, Switzerland, July 2003

Male - only one black eye spot on underside forewing


Valais, Switzerland, July 2003

Female with 2 spots


Valais, Switzerland, July 2003


NW Italy, July 2003

Roosting after the sun disappeared behind the mountain.


Macedonia, Greece, July 2000

Some features appear to be H. lupina.


This is one of the three widespread Meadow Browns of Europe. The Meadow Brown, Maniola jurtina, is particularly common throughout most of Europe which may well mask the true distribution of this species. Please see the Species Page for Oriental Meadow Brown, H. lupina for a discussion on the identification of lycaon, lupina and jurtina. I've found lycaon widespread and often common compared to lupina. Both species have a similar range in Spain, SE France, parts of Italy and SE Europe. In addition lycaon extends into central eastern Europe as far as the Baltic states.

It is a fairly distinctive species once it has been found a few times. In contrast to jurtina, It is small, rather yellowy rather than orange and the undersides are uniform mottled grey. They are often found feeding on thistles and Scabious.