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Maniola jurtina

Meadow Brown

Field Notes

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Var, France, August 2010


Susa Valley, Italy, July 2009


Ain, France, August 2009


Isère, France, May 2007


Geneva, Switzerland, June 2007


Valais, Switzerland, July 2006


Ain, France, June 2007


Vaud, Switzerland, August 2007


Vaud, Switzerland, July 2006


Vaud, Switzerland, August 2006


Crete, June 2004


Vaud, Switzerland, July 2004



Vaud, Switzerland, July 2004



Provence, France, May 2004


Hampshire, UK, September 2004

Heavily mottled individual


Chalkidiki, Greece, May 2004

Male showing scent brands on forewings.


Provence, France, June 2003

ssp. hispulla with orange on the underside hindwing


Arguably the commonest European butterfly. It flies from north Africa into southern Scandinavia. It is often abundant throughout the range and can be found in dry or damp conditions upto moderate altitudes (1500m or so) and in any variety of grassy habitats. In Spain, north Africa and S France the subspecies hispulla flies. This is somewhat brighter orange and has orange markings in the underside hindwing post discal band.