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Aphantopus hyperantus


Field Notes

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Vaud, Switzerland, June 2010


Vaud, Switzerland, June 2009


Valais, Switzerland, July 2006


Vaud, Switzerland, June 2007


Pirin Mts, Bulgaria, July 2004


Vaud, Switzerland, July 2004


Vaud, Switzerland, July 2005


Vaud, Switzerland, July 2005


SW Slovakia, July 2001


Cambridgeshire, UK, June 2000

Female with prominent upperside eyespots


Cambridgeshire, UK, June 2000

Male with reduced upperside eye spots


Cambridgeshire, UK, June 2000


Cambridgeshire, UK, June 2000


In central Europe this is a rather widespread and common species in mature deciduous woodlands. It is found as far south as northern Spain where I've never found it and northern Greece. It prefers sunny spots in woodland that is otherwise dark or with only dappled sunlight. It loves bramble blossom and can often be found in good numbers feeding at this plant.