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Melitaea didyma

Spotted Fritillary

Field Notes

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Var, France, July 2010


Valais, Switzerland, May/ July 2010


Valais, Switzerland, August 2009
The larva was photographed in June.


Var, France, July 2009


Pyrénées Orientales, France, May 2006


Valais, Switzerland, June 2008


S Greece, July 2007


Catalonia, Spain, May 2007


NW Greece, August 2008
Aberrant amount of black.


Var, France, May 2006


Valais, Switzerland, July 2006

With Comma and Marbled White, P. c-album and M. galathea


Valais, Switzerland, July 2004


Valais, Switzerland, July 2004


Valle d'Aosta, Italy, July 2004



Var, France, May 2004



Valais, Switzerland, August 2005



Macedonia, Greece, July 2004


Macedonia, Greece, July 2004


Pelopennesos, Greece, June 2002


Provence, France, June 2003

Female of ssp. meridionalis


Provence, France, August 2001


Macedonia, Greece, July 2000

A heavily gravid female judging by the bulging abdomen.


This species flies through southern and central Europe from north Africa to Poland and Greece. The males are usually of a very rich red that is easily seen from a distance and differentiated from the other Fritillaries. From north Spain to Greece the subspecies meridionalis flies. This has very dusky females. Elsewhere other named forms fly with differences in size, ground colour and degree of variation in orange/ yellow ground colour.