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Euchloe (Elphinstonia) charlonia

Greenish Black Tip

Field Notes

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Peter Rowlings

Anti Atlas, Morocco, May 1998

Agadir, Morocco, March 2001


Agadir, Morocco, March 2001

Even early in the morning they were impossible to approach


Agadir, Morocco, March 2001 (f)y

Egg laying


Agadir, Morocco, March 2001

The egg (on underside of leaf on left)


Agadir, Morocco, March 2001

About the closest I got - a hapless individual in the jaws of an enormous and
ferocious looking Robber Fly (Diptera, Asilidae)


A common species throughout the summer months (i.e. just about all year in coastal Morocco) in Morocco and Tunisia it is surprising that I don't have better photographs. Luckily Peter managed the excellent shot above. I think my failings are in part due to its rapid and direct flight. Also they don't stop anywhere for long, usually seen just passing through.

It is known from a few small colonies in Spain. It has a relative in northern Greece, the Eastern Greenish Black Tip (Elphinstonia penia) which is slightly larger, a greener yellow and more extensive markings.